About Us

Vista Fire Products is a customer focused provider of fire detection equipment from leading manufacturers and distributors. Our customer reach is comprehensive supplying customers in the UK but also Ireland and across also Europe.

Vistafireproducts.co.uk has been set up as an e-commerce site, with our main objective being to offer you an extensive range of quality Fire Safety products at competitive prices. Our objective is to make your buying experience as easy as possible; the site has been designed so that navigation is simple and ordering quick and easy.

Generally we send orders out straight from stock, if there is lead time, this will be brought to your attention as soon as we receive your order.

We are constantly researching for new and innovative products which will be added to the site, the site is maintained and updated continuously

Company Name – Vista Fire Products
Registered & Trading Address – Unit 2a Bury South Business Park, Manchester, M26 2AD
Contact Phone Number – 0161 537 0661

Contact E-mail Address - sales@vistafireprducts.co.uk

Company Number - 7423380

VAT Number - GB 111571846