Evolution Conventional

Evolution Conventional
A series of advanced, premium conventional fire detectors, with Nittan’s Trademark OMNIVIEW LEDs and integral 375ohm Alarm resistor. Evolution Conventional combines extremely reliable fire detection with a very high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms. In addition to the standard Optical and Heat devices, the Range includes our Award winning Dual Optical detector, a Dual wavelength Flame detector and an Intrinsically Safe Optical detector to cover all installation solutions. Compliant with EN standards.
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  1. Nittan EVC-P Photo electrical Optical Smoke Detector

    SKU: F02-82200

    £10.24 £12.29
  2. STB-4SE Deep Base for EV and EVC Detectors

    SKU: F03-82300

    £5.12 £6.14
  3. Nittan EVC-IR Dual Band IR Flame Detector

    SKU: F04-60044

    £379.52 £455.42
  4. Nittan EVC-H-CS High Heat Detector 84-100 Degrees

    SKU: F04-82507

    £12.05 £14.46
  5. Nittan EVC-H-A2S Standard Heat Detector 54-70 Degrees

    SKU: F04-82505

    £13.25 £15.90
  6. Nittan EVC-DP Dual Photoelectric Smoke Detector

    SKU: F02-82215

    £37.35 £44.82
  7. Nittan WRP2-R-01 Waterproof Manual Call Point

    SKU: F06-62020

    £59.04 £70.85
  8. Nittan RP-RS2-01 NTN Surface Mounting Manual Call point

    SKU: F06-62018

    £10.24 £12.29
  9. Nittan UB-4SD Detector Mounting Base with Schottky Diode

    SKU: F03-83510

    £1.45 £1.74
  10. Nittan UB-4 Detector Mounting Base

    SKU: F03-83500

    £1.33 £1.60
  11. STB-4SE-SD Deep Base with Schottky Diode

    SKU: F02-82302

    £5.72 £6.86
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11 Items

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